What is the benefit of IFMC’s Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center?

With the amount of data increasing exponentially, digitalization is the call of the hour. Apart from the ease of storage there are several other benefits that are attached to digital technology. This need has seeped in every field and health care is no exception to this. As all the health related data for a patient is made available at a finger touch, it helps the health care providers manifold in providing better services. Clinics and hospitals which are looking for technical assistance in order to harness the power of digital technology can opt for the services provided by IFMC. IFMC stands for Integrated Family Medical Center which is famous in assisting clinics or other health service providers in understanding and achieving the meaningful HER user criteria. for further details, visit :http://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/for-professionals/special-topics/health-information-technology/index.html

What is the benefit of IFMC's Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center?


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services administer a program known as Medicare HER Incentive Program. Under this program, eligible professionals or hospitals need to fulfill the criteria for meaningful use of EHR (Electronic Health Records) in order to receive incentives. This is where IFMC’s Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center comes into the picture. The eligible candidates for the incentive must fulfil the criteria of being a meaningful user of certified electronic health records in order to receive the incentives. click here for related information.


The Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center of IFMC helps health care providers in achieving the meaningful use criteria. If you have a clinic than you can take assistance from IFMC in order to get the HER installed or improved. Once your clinic achieves the meaningful use criteria then you will be eligible to get incentives of around $43,000 from Medicare and $63,000 from Medicaid. For hospitals, the incentives are even more. With the help of IFMC’s HITREC, hospitals can achieve the meaningful use consultation condition.